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We , Oberon Pharmacueticals came into exstance in the year 2010 .with Mr. K K Joy as Marketing Director. His talent and well set aim in medical field have led Oberon Pharma a long way to the head. It took lot of pain and strain to get this firm to a well secured position like this and we are indeed very proud to provide our customers with the best products around .
We source the products directly from manufacturers and sell directly to only those pharmacies and Hospital counters who possess a valid drug licence. We donot indulge in sub-distribution activity thereby maintaining a honest supply chain, transparency and efficiency. Our distribution chain is so wide that each and every user in every cornor of India is ensured to get our medicines as per needed . We newer do supply our products localy and can only be obtained from valid medical distributors around the country  . None of our products must be used if found damaged and should be returned to us as soon as possible eventhough our products have just below 1% chance to get damaged as our packing team and packing prosedures are so keen and clean .

We came into the Business in the year 2010 but it was a huge raise from there to here our company is now like a company more expeirienced than any old companies in market . Our trading products include mainly Antibiotics and Pain Killers and ranging to even dental medicines . Oberon pharma is really well known among the medical field becuase of its outstanding products in the world wide market and the selection of the best among the all. Every product which comes out with our packaging are products which are checked in Quality, Quantity and its well known class and standards . So our every customer is ensured with 101% Protection and Satisfaction .

Address : 1ST FLOOR, DOOR NO X/555/22
Thrissur - 680101
Kerala, India

Phone No : +91-487-2427059
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